Despite my best intentions, there just hasn’t been much bike camping this year. There were plans for weekend tours, a week-long tour, and any number of other things. But they weren’t to be, for a variety of reasons (often lameness on my part though). This is just what the S240 is for. Little planning is […]

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2015 Powderhorn 24 by the Numbers

Once again, we drove to Minneapolis to ride around in squares for 24 hours. I didn’t take any photos during the race, so here are the numbers.* Miles: 101 Laps: 20 Beers: 23 (+/- 3) High temperature: 97F Low temperature: 76F Bottles of water: 7 (+/- 2) Burritos: 3 Cups of coffee: 2 Footlong hotdogs: 1 […]

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Quaffing my Friday morning coffee and reading feeds, I run across the weekly photo dump from Surly. Normally, it’s stuff recently submitted to their Image Dump, but this week it’s single-speeds in honor of this weekend’s SSUSA (hosted in my home state, at Levis–no, I’m not going). Scrolling down, I find this: Yep, that’s the […]

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A new (to me) road

It’s new to me, anyway. And ever so close to town. I’ve ridden past it countless times, but never had reason to check it out. Features include: corn, soybeans, cranes, a hog farm, and some of the smoothest rolling pavement around. It looks like it was repaved last year sometime, and still hasn’t succumbed to […]

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Mini-touring in Mt. Horeb

We’d intended to take a mini-tour the week of my birthday, but because of some extenuating circumstances, we couldn’t make any reservations until only a few days before we might have left. While I was casting around southwestern Wisconsin for a vacation rental, I came across the Gonstead Guest Cottage in Mt. Horeb. It’s a […]

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The Long Goodbye

Note: This post has nothing to do with bikes, and might make you feel things. Continue at your own risk. On June 18, 2015–two weeks ago–we said goodbye to Jade, our rednose pitbull. She was nearly 15 years old, and had been with us for nearly 14 of those years. Many dog owners will tell you […]

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The Bearskin

This past weekend, we went north for the annual summer gathering of my wife’s family. They live a bit west of Rhinelander and very near some fine mountain bike trails, as well as low-traffic paved and unpaved roads, and one of my favorite rail trails in Wisconsin. I’d originally intended to ride some single-track at […]

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