Finding the Groove Again

The past six months or so–or perhaps longer–have been somewhat unfocused when it comes to cycling (and quite a few other things, for that matter). It turns out that a little more structure is better than no structure at all. A few weeks ago, I helped my wife make a training plan for a 25k […]

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The Bear

For the past couple of years, I’ve ridden the Gravel Metric on Memorial Day weekend. It’s a well-run event put on by an excellent group of people. But this year I was looking for something different–something not in farm country. Enter the Bear 100. Either 100 miles or 100 kilometers (or 25 miles, if you […]

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New Bike Day: Surly Troll

A couple of years ago, I found myself with a yellow Pugsley frame (in addition to the Pugsley I already had). At some point, I reckoned (incorrectly, as it turns out) that I didn’t want a second Pugsley, so I traded the yellow frame-set with one of the fat-bike fanatics that works at my LBS for a […]

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Some Polyvalent Thoughts

Two things occurred to me on the ride to work today: I’ve been riding the VO Polyvalent for a little over a year. It’s mostly seen commuting and errand-running duty, but there have been several short, relaxed day tours and one S240–and it’s become the go-to bike for the weekly coffee-outside ride. It’s exactly what […]

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Heck, that’s a Bear

I’ve come to realize that without a few events–whether they be organized by someone else or by me–that I tend to ride less than I would like. I am an inherently lazy man, it would seem. I also tend to stick too close to home and ride too much in the same places and on […]

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The Bear

Due to the shifting landscape of most of my spring and summer plans, I won’t be riding the Gravel Metric this year (but you should, because it’s a great event) and will be going north instead to see the in-laws and suchlike. It just so happens, however, that I won’t be far from start/finish of the […]

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